Sunday, March 25, 2007

Prayer requests

I am asking for prayer because this week is not starting out very well. This afternoon I went to close my electric garage door. I pushed the button, the motor hummed but nothing moved and the motor stopped. I finally got the garage door down manually and locked it, with the car outside.
Then tonight Craig called and he's having engine trouble. He's trying to decided if he can deliver his load and make it back to Mpls. to get the truck fixed or not. Will he do more damage to the engine by driving it farther?
And what will we do without his wages this week, not to mention paying for repairs?
Please pray that we will make the right decisions about the truck, and that nothing else will break down. Thanks!
My daughter-in-law, Stephanie, wrote in her blog about why God lets people suffer. I think it also applies to life's problems. Why does life have to be so hard? Why do we have hard times, disappointments, loneliness, etc.? I guess it's so we depend on Him completely.
Lord, be with Craig tonight. Help him make the right decisions about the truck. Help him to know that You are there with him. You will help him through these tough times. You are his strength. You have met our needs in the past, and will continue to take care of us. Help me too, Lord, to trust you to take care of Craig, and to take care of me. Amen

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caeb said...

Mom-I am sorry to hear about these things. I will be praying for you and Dad. I love you both!