Thursday, March 22, 2007


"Someone" left a comment on my last post asking for an update. The reason I haven't blogged since Monday is that I've come down with a cold. I hate colds! This year I've been pretty healthy. Usually I get two or three colds during the winter. Maybe the reason I got one now is because I was telling people how healthy I've been this winter!
Becasue I can't think too well with this cold, I'll just put down a few rambling thoughts:
  • I'm so glad that the weather is turinging warmer. I'm tired of winter.
  • I can't wait for Spring Break, which is April 2-6.
  • I wish the septic system up at our cabin wasn't frozen - I want to be up there, but it's no fun when we can't use the toilet or shower.
  • I need to make spaghetti this weekend - I need some pasta.
  • I'm thankful that Craig is having a better week at work. We have a lot of bills coming due.
  • I can't believe Carrie's been in Guatemala almost two months already! That means her time there is half gone - she'll be home before I know it.
  • I love looking at pictures of my grandchildren. They went to the Childrens' Museum recently. I wish I could have gone too - it looks like fun.
  • I have been obsessed with stamping cards for the last month. I can't wait to get home tonight and try out a few new ideas. (That is, if I don't fall alseep! This cold makes me so tired.)

Well, that's so random I can't even continue! Bye for now-

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caeb said...

Thanks for the update Mom! haha I hope you feel better soon!