Saturday, March 3, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Here's our winter wonderland in Hanover. Craig finally made it home Friday in time for supper. It was quite a drive for him- he came from St. James, MN. He drove from Newell, IA to Worthington, MN in the storm on Thursday, and then on to St. James where the highway patrol had shut the roads down. They had blizzard conditions with lots of wind and snow. Criag stayed warm in his truck. He even met an old friend at the truck stop on Friday morning and they spent the morning talking trucks. Craig also had a chance to witness to his friend.
About Friday noon they opened the roads again and away Craig went. Nothing was going to stop him from getting home. The roads were snow covered. A lot of cars were in the ditches. Even some trucks were jack-knifed. We are so thankful that he made ithome safely.

Today, Saturday, the sun is shining. There's still a cold bite to the wind, but the sun is already melting the snow on the driveway.

Here's a few more snowy pictures:

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caeb said...

Thanks for the pictures! Wow...that is a lot of snow. I love the one of Dad...what a geek :) Hey, but shoveling all that snow...good exercise