Friday, March 2, 2007

God's Peace

Last night I experienced God's peace. I got a phone call at 10 p.m It was my son, Aaron, telling me that they had taken Jeff by ambulance to the hospital after his hockey game last night. Jeff had gotten checked from behind into the boards with 3 minutes left in the game. Both Brenton and Aaron said that it wasn't intentional - Jeff just spun away from the guy at the wrong moment. I had heard about the check when I was listening online. But I didn't realize that Jeff was hurt. The announcer said that Jeff skated off the ice on his own power. I had also called Brenton right away and he thought Jeff was okay. So when the phone rang, I thought maybe one of the boys was in the ditch or something.
Aaron explained that Jeff hadn't wanted him to call me. He didn't want me to worry. But Aaron thought I should know. When Jeff had skated off the ice he couldn't lift his head up without severe neck pain. Then his fingers started tingling. So the trainers called the ambulance.
After I talked with Aaron I began praying, and then I read Psalm 91. I made God my dwelling, my refuge. I trusted in Him. He told me that because Jeff loves Him he will rescue him. He will protect him. He will be with him in trouble and he will deliver him.
Later on Aaron called back to say that he had not broken any bones, that it was just a muscle strain, and that they were releasing Jeff from the hospital. Praise the Lord!!
I was able to go to bed and sleep - no nightmares, no sleepless worrying. God's peace in my heart.

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