Saturday, April 14, 2007

Truck Update

Our 359 Peterbilt is back in our own driveway! Craig and Lonnie spent the week working on it, trying to figure out why it broke down on Monday. Yesterday Lonnie drove it down to a place in Roseville where they put the truck on a dyno machine. This machine tests the engine. Basically, they chain the truck down and then run the engine as if it's pulling a full load up a mountain. If the engine doesn't blow up then it's good to go back on the road. Craig was a little worried about the test. He's usually very careful when he drives the truck. But all the mechanics said, "It's a truck! This is what it's made to do." So they put our Pete on the dyno, chained her down and revved her up. The mechanic running the dyno could not believe what a strong engine she has. The truck came through the truck with flying colors. This was a relief to Craig, who was a little worried about putting her back on the road. Now he can leave without worry.
The mechanics have decided that maybe they got a bad batch of piston packages, one of which caused the breakdown.
Craig will be back to work tomorrow. We are both glad that the truck is fixed, and we hope that she will stay "healthy" for a long, LONG time!

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