Saturday, April 14, 2007

Each Day is Priceless

I was reading a novel last night, Firestorm, by Lisa Tawn Bergren. One of the characters in the book, Beth, is a young mother who is dying of cancer. She's talking to her friends and she says,
"Time is no longer endless... it is absolutely priceless. There's no more time to waste in my life. That's why I went ahead and redecorated the dining room; I've always hated it....
When you finally realize that each day is a gift, you live your life differently. You spend your tije on family and friends, giving them every ounce of love possible. You give yourself permission to take care of yourself, to celebrate all that God has graced you with.... Do you guys get it? Can you grasp what I'm saying?" (p. 143) Later on Beth makes a series of videotapes for her 3 year old daughter to watch as she's growing up - advice froma mother to her daughter, since she won't be there to help her. She makes on for every birthday, and for significant milestones in a girl's life. For the 30th birthday tape she says,
"Thirty was an age of discovery for me too. In fact, I've always been thankful for my cancer. If that sound strange, think of it this way. If you were to find that a life-threatening disease was living in you, would you not cherish each day? So many times we plan on our future - 'If I can just earn this amount of money I can get this' or "If I can just accomplish this, I can do that' - you get the picture.......Don't wait Hope (her daughter). Make the most of every single moment God has given you. Life is precious. Celebrate it. I've loved this life. You've made it all the more rich for me, as has your father, my friends. That's what Christ calls us to do. Don't sit back and accept what comes. Go out there and take it. Life really is what you make of it. Don't you want yours to be an incredible adventure? That doesn't mean you have to trek through the Himalayas. You can be a housewife on a remote Montana ranch, rasing a daughter alongside your husband and still be incredibly satisfied. I have been." (pp.165-166)

This book really spoke to me. I don't want to spend my life waiting for the weekends or waiting until we can afford to finish the cabin. Or waiting until we retire. Or waiting until our bills are paid off. Or waiting until the kds are out of college. I am going to enjoy each conversation I have with people at school. I am going to enjoy my job each day. I am going to enjoy and cherish each time I get to be with my children and grandchildren. I am going to enjoy being with Craig when he's home. I am going to look for every opportunity to share my Jesus with the people around me. I am going to plan times to be with friends and family instead of letting days go by somewhat aimlessly.
Thank you, God, for all of the things You have graced my life with. Help me to share Your love and Your light with those around me.

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