Tuesday, May 1, 2007


At New Joy Church the pastor has been preaching from the book of Daniel and I have been learning so much. Last week he spoke about Daniel being thrown in the lion's den. He talked about how consistent Daniel was - in his prayer life, in his public life. He didn't change just because his situation changed. And God took care of Daniel. He didn't make Daniel's life easy. He didn't remove tough situations. But He did take care of Daniel in each situation. He was always with Daniel, because Daniel always looked to Him for all his needs. Daniel didn't just exist - he didn't just survive his life in captivity. He thrived! Daniel distinguished himself because he possessed an extraordinary spirit. (Daniel 6:3) I am learning:
I need to be consistent in my private life and my public life. I need to have a standard appointment with God each day. I need to share my faith with everyone around me.
I need to be quiet like Daniel was - no complaining, no grumbling .
I need to guard against pride. I need to recognize it whenever, wherever it shows up in my life and confess it and change it.
I need to keep learning God's Word, and praying and obeying so that I can help my spirit to grow.

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