Monday, May 7, 2007

Spring means being at the cabin

This weekend Craig and I met at the cabin. He drove his semi because he was loaded for Grafton, ND. I went up after work on Friday. The weather wasn't the best - it was cloudy and windy - but it was just good to be up there again. The trees are just beginning to bud out, the ice is off the lake, and anticipation of summer is in the air. The store owners are getting ready for the sumer tourists and "weekenders."
Craig spent a majority of the time at his shop, doing the little things to his truck that needed to be done - and one big job: changing oil. I cleaned the cabin, read a book, and just relaxed. Sunday night we both took off - I went south, Craig went north. And another week begins.


Stephanie said...

We are excited about cabin season. We hope to get up there more than once this summer! It's so nice and relaxing, even with the crazy kids!

kris said...

Come any time! I'm hoping to be up there most of the month of July. You and the kids could even come up during the week.