Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Thoughts About Spring

Last night I cut the grass. It's the first time I've cut the grass at our "new" house. I realized that it's not really new any more. We have now lived in Hanover for one year. I can't believe how fast this year has gone. Last year at this time I was still adjusting to a new job, moving in to the new house, saying good bye to the old one (where we had lived for 25 years!), getting ready for an estate sale, planning my daughter's graduation open house, trying to help her get ready to leave for Indianapolis for the summer, and fighting a kidney infection. It was quite a spring.

This spring I am adjusting to having Craig gone duing the week, learning how to take care of the yard by myself, planning for my daughter's homecoming from Guatemala and geting her ready to leave for L.A. for the summer. Life is always full of changes.

Spring is a time of hope. Nature reminds us that: we can have a "do over" - we can make a fresh start, we will grow even after a time of feeling dormant, and that just as God clothes the flowers and trees with beauty He will take care of us and make us beautiful. If only we let Him.

Enjoy the spring - the beauty God has created, the knowldege that growth/beauty comes from trials (winter in Minnesota), the promise that you can "do over" or grow, the realization that you are beautiful, the hope of eternal life.

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