Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot Summer Days

Summer is here - and I am so thankful that we have central air. I do not take it for granted, because I lived in our old farm house for 25 years with no air conditioning except for a little window air conditioner in our bedroom for the last 5 years. My poor husband is driving his truck all day every day without air conditioning. I don't know how he does it. I do know that he is really tired by the end of the week.
When the kids were little we survived by going to the beach or swimming pool in the afternoons. I'd do my chores in the morning, then pull the shades down and leave for the hot afternoon. Sometimes we'd hang out at our church - have a picnic lunch and play inside just to be in air conditioning. A few times we slept at my parent's house or at my in-laws, both of them had air.
So today, when it gets to be 95 degrees and muggy outside, I will be inside where it's cool. And I will be thanking God again for this new house.

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