Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Weekend at the cabin

Craig and I spent last weekend at the cabin. It was absolutely wonderful to be there. When we first drove in the driveway, however, the cabin looked forlorn, forgotten. A month had gone by since our last visit. The grass badly needed to be cut. Weeds had grown up in the driveway. Shades were pulled.
So we began the task of opening up and cleaning up the cabin. As we cut the grass and pulled the weeds we thanked God again for the beauty and wonder of His creation. We watched a red squirrel hang upside down from a piece of rope Craig had tied to a tree. We heard the loons. We looked at our favorite trees - the white pines. And the cabin "woke up" and no longer looked forgotten.
Over the weekend we ate meals in almost every place we have a table -but my favorite place to eat is in the picnic house. It's only 15 feet from the water and has screens so I don't get eaten by mosquitos. Craig loves to grill so we had two great meals from the grill. We took out our paddle boat several times. On Sunday we took it our just to get rid of the guy on the jet ski who kept coming over to whoop it up, turning circle after circle right in front of our place. Not only is the noise from the jet ski annoying, the waves he was creating were really pounding our shoreline.
This was our first summer weekend at the cabin and it was absolutely perfect and completely relaxing. The icing on the cake was that we didn't need to come home until Monday morning. There is something extra special about Sunday nights at the cabin.

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