Friday, June 15, 2007

I Have a Moment

Last night I was at my son's house, babysitting my youngest grandson. I noticed that my daughter-in-law had a devotional book on the counter for moms of preschoolers. So I opened the book and read one of the devotions. I was surprised because the message applied to my life - even though the only preschoolers I have are my grandchildren. The message was this - when our lives get busy and we despair because we don't have enough time to have a quiet time each day with God, there's hope. We may not have an uninterrupted block of time, but we have a moment. This mom wrote about talking to God while she was changing diapers, doing the dishes, etc. each task reminded her of something to praise God for. She started posting Bible verses in places where she spent time each day (kitchen sink, changing table, laundryroom, etc.)
I started thinking. Now that I am working full time, it seems harder to find time for devotions. I may not have a huge block of time - but I have a moment: when I am driving, when I am doing the dishes, when I am at work and it's quiet, when I am watering the grass or weeding the garden. So I am going to seize these moments. I am going to thank God for the students as they come into school. I am going to thank Him for His creation when I am working in the yard. I am going to think about how He's wached me white as snow when I am doing the laundry. I am going to pray (with my eyes open!) when I am driving. I am going to seize the moments of my day and consciously use them to be close to my Saviour and my God.

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Maxine said...

This reminds me of our ladies Bible study today! We were talking about the exact same things. Thanks for applying them so nicely, Kris.