Monday, October 15, 2007

A Day of Sunshine is Good Medicine

We have had so many gloomy days lately, that I was really starting to feel tired and down. Saturday, however, was glorious. The sun came out, it was about 60 degrees, and very little wind. It was a perfect day. My husband and I spent this glorious day together oustide. We really enjoyed each other's comapny. We went to two different nurseries to look at trees, and bought two at the second place. We enjoyed spending about half an hour talking with the owner of the nursery and he told us about different varieties of maples, how to care for our trees, etc. We bought a fiesta maple and a rvier birch. They are the prettiest little trees I think I've ever seen!
After we brought the trees home we went to a local landscape outfit and bought a load of wood chips. We spent the rest of the day planting and spreading wood chips. We are so happy with our yard. We've worked hard on the landscaping - there was none when we bought our place. It felt great to be working outside, enjoying God's creation and each other's company. It also felt good when our neighbors commented on how nice our yard looks and how much they are enjoying it. So our labor benefits our neighborhood as well as ourselves.
The day of sunshine really helped my spirits. I need to remember to bask in the Sonshine of God's Son each day for the health of my soul. The physical work outside was good for my body. I need to remember to work at my Bible study each day for the health of my spirit. And being with my family was good for my heart. I need to remember to spend time each day with my heavenly Father too.

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