Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Time with my heavenly Father

I have been participating in a Beth Moore Bible Study on Isaiah. She has identifited 5 benefits of being a christian:
1. To know and believe God
2. To glorify God
3.To find satisfaction in Him
4. To experience God's peace
5. To experience His presence

Next she identified a major obstacle to experiencing each of these benefits:
1. unbelief
2. pride
3. idolatry
4. prayerlessness
5. legalism

As I have been thinking about these obstacles I see that at different times I struggle with each of these obstacles. The one that impacted me the most this morning was that my prayerlessness keeps me from experiencing God's peace. When I get too busy my prayer time gets shorter, or even forgotten. Then I wonder why I am feeling hassled or frazzled. From now on I will try to spend time with God in prayer before I start my day. And when I start to feel worried or frazzled I will ask myself, "Have I spent enough time today with my Heavenly Father?"

1 comment:

Maxine said...

Sounds like a good study. I think we all experience the same obstacles.