Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Grandchildren are so wonderful!

Last weekend we babysat our grandchildren. We spent some time outside catching bugs. The boys loved it - but Izzy wouldn't touch any bugs. We had hot dogs, beans and grapes for supper. We watched a donut Man video, and later on, Alladin. Izzy and colored pictures for over an hour, while Jake played with wrestling characters and cars, and Drew toddled back and forth and played with toys and books. Izzy asked Papa for some ice cream. When he said that he didn't think we had any she said, "Go check." Each one cuddled with Papa on the couch at one point or another during the evening. We loved the hugs and kisses. We just had a wonderful time with them!


Stephanie Balvin said...

Thank you so much again for having them all! It sounds like everyone had a blast! I still can't believe you got Andrew to fall asleep in your lap without a fight. It must be that "Grandma touch"!

Maxine said...

Oh yes, grandchildren are BIG blessings!