Monday, November 5, 2007

It's hard to be a parent

I thought that once my kids were grown I'd be able to let go of them easily, and to get on with my own life. Boy, was I wrong.
My oldest son called last Friday to tell me that they are moving about 1.5 hours away. They have lived just 20 minutes from us for the last 5 years. I have kind of been expecting this news. My son is starting a new job down that way and I knew he wouldn't want to be commuting 3 hours each day. My daughter-in-law's parents live in the town where they are moving. It will be nice for her to be closer to her parents. Still, I am so sad about their move. I will miss them - I will miss having my grandchildren just stop by for a visit. I will miss being able to run over to their house to see them or babysit after work. I know that God is leading them but it doesn't make me any less sad.
Today my daughter is moving to a house nearer college. I am so happy that she will not have to drive 45 minutes each way to school, especially with winter coming. But I am sad because she won't be around home- even though she most often came home when I was going to bed.
I am glad that my kids are growing up and away from us. I know that they have a solid relationship with Jesus Christ, and He will watch over them. I have done my job as a mom, and my kids are ready to be on their own. However, I find that I may not be as ready to be on my own as I thought. Thankfully, Jesus is with me too. I will just have to wait and watch for what He has planned for this new season in my life.

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Stephanie Balvin said...

Kris, as Brenton and I talked about this big change for us, the number one reason we didn't want to do it was because we didn't want to be so far from you! You have been AMAZING help, support, and encouragement to us over the past 5 years. I know with out a doubt that life would have been so much harder without you all so close. I truly wish we could bring you with us...pray about it! :)
I am confident that we will still be around more than you expected! Plus, now the kids are old enough and at a fun age that they can sleep over one at a time, and you will get quality time with each one. You are ALWAYS welcome to come for and stay for a weekend or longer esp when Craig can't make it back or the both of you. I know I am so thankful for such great in laws. I hear other peoples stories and I think, WOW I am so blessed! I think of you both more as friends than in laws so for that I am thankful. This is sad for me for us as well! I too will miss dropping by or having you over for dinner. But I am confident we will connect in new and special ways as well. Plus, I am still planning on a scrapping weekend at the cabin!