Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Last night I started my Christmas shopping and I found out something. It's not the shopping I dislike, as I had written in my blog yesterday, but rather it's not knowing what to buy that I don't like. I went shopping at the General Store in Hopkins and had the best time looking at Christmas decorations and all the neat stuff they have. I was able to make decisions on a couple of gifts. I continued shopping in Maple Grove and found a couple more gifts. I feel great because I got a good start on my Christmas list, and have ideas on what to get for my family. Tonight I'm going home to start making my Christmas cards, and mayne put up the tree. I really do like Christmas - and maybe I'll like it even more if I don't leave everything till the last minute!

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Maxine said...

I feel the same. If I go shopping and find plenty of gifts or get good ideas, Ilike shopping. If I have a shopping trip where I just can't find or think of what to get, I HATE IT!