Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I have great kids!

I am so proud of my kids, and so thankful for all that God has done in their lives. I do not take the credit for what fine people they have turned out to be. All the glory goes to God. After all, He loves them more than I do, and He's able to help them and teach them far more than me.
My oldest son, Brenton, is such a good husband and father - mostly because he realizes he's not perfect, is trying to become a better person, and relies on God for wisdom and strength. His wife, Stephanie, is a wonderful daughter-in-law. She loves Brenton and tries to help him to be the best person he can be. She is very generous and loving, and she's a great mom.
Aaron, my second son, has a very big heart. He calls just to see how I'm doing. He helps his siblings, even when they bug him.
Jeff, my third son, is more mellow than his brothers. He has worked so hard- in college, in hockey, and in his job. This week he is the MIAC hockey athlete of the week.
And then there's Carrie - my awesome daughter. She's had to grow up with three older brothers. She is so smart and courageous, and loves little kids. She is getting an A in her Apologetics class so far this term. She's my traveler. Last year she studied in Guatemala and then worked in L.A. This January she's going back to Guatemala for three weeks. She had her almost-three year old niece over for a sleep over last weekend and thought of great activities for them to do together.
It makes me feel so good that my kids love each other, and are willing to help each other. It is also so nice to know that they all have a personal relationship with God and are trying not only to grow in their faith but alos to reach out to others.
Thank you, Lord, for my family!


Maxine said...

Sounds like a nice family, Kris! You are indeed blessed. And it's good that you are not taking it for granted in this day and age!!

Anonymous said...

I love you too mom, and you and dad both should take credit.