Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Green Eyes of Envy

As I have thought more about my son and daughter-in-law moving, I have realized a sad fact about myself. I am envious of them. It must be so exciting to be moving to a new town, a newer house, new opportunities. I wish I was the one moving!
Twenty some years ago, when I was about the age of my son, my husband and I began to talk about moving to Seattle. After talking and praying about it, we finally decided not to move. There have been times, however, when I wish we had taken a leap of faith and moved. I know my parents would have been sad, although I know they would have visited us often.

I have decided to confess my envy, and just be happy for my son and his family. I know that although things will change, we will still be a part of their life. (Life is all about change, though, isn't it?)

So, I wish you blessings in your move, Brenton and Stephanie. I am so glad that you will only have an 18 minute commute, Brenton! You deserve that after the last two years. I am excited about your coaching job, Stephanie - you will be a great basketball coach! I thank God for how He continues to meet your needs as you continue to seek Him. I continue to pray that He would bring a buyer for your townhouse, and I know He will.

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