Thursday, December 6, 2007

Let it snow?

I can't believe how much snow we've gotten this week. I have shoveled the driveway 5 times already! I am thankful for two things - the snow is pretty fluffy so it's not as heavy to shovel, and my neighbor came over with her snow blower on Tuesday night and did my driveway.
Bev and I are often out there together. Her husband has a bad back and can't shovel. He came out the other night to give Bev instructions on how to use the snow blower - it was her first time. She had so much fun once she got used to the snow blower. After she did her driveway she did mine, and then did the neighbor's drvieway across the street. As she headed over there I heard her exclaim, "woohoo!" I have to admit that i don't get excited about shoveling - but maybe if I had a snow blower I'd feel different. The funny thing is that once I get bundled up and head outside, I'm usually happy that I'm out there. This morning I appreciated the beauty of the snow, and the quietness of our neighborhood before everyone else was out. It felt good to breathe the fresh air, and to get the exercise.
Thank you, God, for the snow - but please don't let it be a long winter!

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