Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Too often when I think about blogging, I think that I need to have something really deep to write about. So I don't write anything. Today I just had to share this storybecause it was so much fun-

Sunday when we came home from the cabin I started noticing that someone had been at our house while we were gone. There were extra tire tracks and lots of footprints in the driveway. When I went inside I saw that the dining room chairs were grouped differently around the table. I felt like Mama Bear looking for Goldilocks. "Someone's been sitting in my chair." There were some crumbs and an M'nM on the floor. A bag of chips was missing.
So I looked around a little more. In the family room I noticed that the computer was on. The lap blankets were folded on a chair instead of hanging over the back of the couch. The game "Catch Phrase" and a deck of cards were out in the family room. The DVD player was on - with the movie, "In Good Company" in it. I wondered who had been home. Then I looked upstairs and I could tell that someone had slept in my bed and the guest bed. The beds were made - just not made the way I make them. "Someone's been sleeping in my bed."
Who had been in my house?
I finally called my youngest son, Jeff, and and asked. He confirmed that he had been home, along with two of his friends. They just wanted to get away from college and hang out. He said, "Oh, are you home already? I was going to call you later and let you know." He told me that
he slept in our bed; one of the friends slept in the guest bed and the other one slept on the couch. At least they did try to keep the house clean. My husband would have been more happy if they had shoveled the driveway. I didn't realize how well I knew my house, until I started looking for clues. I guess that means I don't rearrange things too often, and that I really do have a "place" for most everything.


Anonymous said...

ha ha...made me laugh..love you guys

Anonymous said...

You should be thankful i turned the heat back down..Pops would've been ticked :)

Stephanie Balvin said...

I saw your school on the news today when they were talking about all the major cuts and the impact. I heard the parents are fighting back- could that help at all?? I will keep praying!

Maxine said...

Oh, what a cute story. So funny.