Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Power of Prayer

This past weekend a friend and I talked at church about the issues facing our school district. My friend is a teacher at one of the other schools that may be closed. We both agreed that we were not afraid of our own futures - God will take care of us and put us in the place/job He wants us to be - but we were both concerned about the lack of compassion and support of staff members between buildings. We agreed to try to do sometihng to change that.

Yesterday she sent out an e-mail asking for people to begin to pray for the staff of our district - for people to realize that all will be affected by the budget reductions and that we need to encourage one another. She sent it to the people she knew would pray. I added a message of my own and sent it out to a few more. We both asked that people forward this call to prayer to anyone they thought should read it.

As the day progressed we were blessed to receive e-mails from people who were touched by our e-mail. It was amazing to realize how many people in our district are believers. It was truly amazing to see how God moved through one e-mail.

Finally, I was at a union meeting last night and I met some women from the district that I had never met before. We were talking about the budget reductions and then one of them siad,
"You know, there was an e-mail going around the district today talking about prayer. That was such a timely e-mail. We really appreciated it."

God is an awesome God. He calls His people to pray. "If my people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray..." 2 Chronicles 7:14 So I am going to continue to pray -
for wisdom for the school board and superintendent; for understanding and compassion of staff members between buildings; for calmness and understanding of parents; and, most of all, for God's Spirit to move in this district and call people unto Himself - for revival and salvation.

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