Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vacation - what's it all about? - a period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation; especially, such a period during which a working person is exempt from work but collects her pay.

This week has been Spring Break and I have not had to go to work. I have struggled with what my week should look like. Several friends went to Mexico. Two of my boys went to South Padre Island. I know that they are all relaxing, having fun with friends etc. Here I am in Hanover with a list of things I feel I should accomplish this week - cleaning, painting, etc.
I have two observations-
1. pleasure, rest, and relaxation looks different for each person. Some people get pleasure from being with other people, sight seeing, or partying. Others find pleasure in putting things in order or decorating their home, or reading a book.
2. my week of vacation needs to have balance - time to do some of the tasks I don't have time for during a regular work week, and time for things that bring me pleasure.

So here's how I've spent my week of vacation:
I worked on painting the family room and the bathroom. Neither is completely finished but they're coming along.
I've spent time with my daughter Carrie- shopping, talking, eating out, watching movies and rubber stamping.
Carrie and I spent time with my grandchildren. we took them to McDonald's one night. We stayed overnight at their house another night.
I went for a walk on one of the nice days with a good friend.
And I was able to sleep in one or two mornings.
It has been a good vacation!

I've read a couple of books,

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Maxine said...

That's what I call a good vacation. I would enjoy what you did during your week off much more than going to a vacation spot.