Thursday, June 26, 2008

He's coming home!

Craig left on June 10 to deliver a load in Vancouver, and he hasn't been home since. He's driven in 23 states and 1 Canadien province. He's driven through snow, rain, lightning, heat and wind. He's had broken lights, speedometer, and an almost flat tire. He's hauled lard, milk, fertilizer and grease. But now he's coming home!
He should be home before bedtime tonight. I have a couple of surprises for him. I finished painting our bathroom and bought some new accessories. I found garden lights and hung them from the pergola on our deck. With our economic stimulus check I bought a patio table and chairs and they were delivered today. He knows about the bathroom and the patio set but he doesn't know what they look like. I am so excited to have him home again.
Starting tonight we will be on vacation - until after the Fourth of July - and I can't wait to spend time together. We're going to stay here for a few days, and then head to the cabin. Since Craig was gone on June 24th (our 30th wedding anniversary) we will be celebrating for the next week!

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