Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spiritual Battle

Last night my husband,Craig, called me from Salt Lake City and he was desperate. Since he left here 8 days ago to deliver a load out in Vancouver he has had a terrible time. In North Dakota he had to have a new starter put in the truck. In Montana he drove in snow for a whole day. Then when he got to Canada they said his truck was too long and they weren't going to let him in to deliver the load. They gave him a warning and a $30 fine. He had to pay another $10 to get back in the US. Then his dispatcher told him to get to Burley, Idaho as quick as possible because there was a load there and they'd load him anytime all weekend. So he drove straight through only to be told there was no load. So he sat in Burley for 3 days in the heat with no air conditioning. On Tuesday they sent him 100 miles for a different load, only there was no load there either. Finally, they sent him to Salt Lake for a load of milk going to TX. So he drove down there, got the trailer washed out again, drove 70 miloes out into the hills to try to find the farm where the load was. When he got there the guy wanted to load his own truck before Craig's. Craig finally got loaded, drove back to the scale in Salt Lake only to find out that he was way ovewr weight. The man there told him he'd have to drive back out to the farm to unload and reload. That is when Craig called me. He just couldn't do it anymore. He wondered why these things happen to him - and he even began to wonder where God was. He couldn't talk long - someone came to talk to him about his load. So I got Carrie and we began to pray. Then we called the rest of the family and they prayed too. I just felt that Craig was under attack. Satan was trying to convince Craig that God didn't love him, and that he should just give up. We prayed the power of Jesus over Craig. Soon he called back with some good news. The company had decided that he didn't need to go back to the farm - they had a trailer he could unload his load into. I prayed with Craig, again praying against the demons, and praying for the peace of Christ that passes understanding to guard Craig's heart and mind.
Today Craig is on his way to Texas. He is feeling much better. Praise the Lord!!!!!

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Maxine said...

I just saw this post today, Kris. I pray that things are better for Craig now, a week later. One thing he had in his favor during this trying time: a praying wife. Bless you guys. Hope you're doing okay, now.