Sunday, June 15, 2008

Reflections on Father's Day

Today my kids all came home. We had a great lunch on the deck, took the grandkids to the park, and played ladder golf. It was a beautiful day for being outside. There was just one thing missing- my husband. Today on Father's Day he was sitting in Idaho waiting for a load to bring back. So all of the kids called and talked to him, and now I sit here alone thinking about what a great dad he is. He has always worked hard to support our family. He has a great work ethic, working hard at his job and at home. He gave much of his time when the kids were growing up coaching their athletic teams - both baseball and hockey. He always tried to be fair to all the kids on his teams, and he studied drills and lineups to mke sure that he was giving his vey best to his teams. He also gaved the kids lots of love - and showed them how to love by loving me. As the kids got older he's helped them with their vehicles, helped them move, and cheered them on. Finally, he also shared his faith in God with them. I'm so sorry you couldn't be here, Craig. Happy Father's Day - we love you!
On Father's Day I also have to talk about my dad. My dad has been a great dad. He has always been there for me. He taught me faith - just by watching his life. His faith in God shines through everything he does. He also taught me patience, and how to find something good in each situation. He's had lots of struggles - especially health issues, but he never got bitter or depressed. He has accepted his physical limitations with grace. He also personifies the word faithful in how he stayed with my mom through all her illnesses and continued to take care of her and love her. He rarely complains. He is always glad to hear my voice when I call, and never gets mad when I don't call or visit. Even though he's 80 and I'm 50, he stills asks if I need any money. He always tells me how proud he is of me and that he loves me. Thanks, Dad, for all your love! and support

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Brenton Balvin said...

Dad is an awesome dude. I learned so much and owe a great deal to him for the man I am today.

Grandpa, everything Mom wrote about you I have seen true with my own eyes.