Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just a heart beat

This morning I read an e-mail about a friend of ours who recently had a heart attack. I could not believe it. I am praying for him and his family. It got me to thinking, however, about how fast life can change - in just a heart beat. We take our hearts for granted. We can't usualy feel it working, pumping life through our veins.
I realized that each heart beat is a gift from God, and I need to both appreciate each moment of each day - and also to not waste a moment. I want to make sure that I tell my husband and my children/grandchildren how much I love them. I want to make sure that my heart is right with God, and that I am sharing God's love with all the people I meet each day. I want to take care of my heart so that it can continue to take care of me.

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Maxine said...

Oh my, what thoughts. Thanks for reminding us of these truths.