Monday, September 22, 2008

48 Hours

48 hours was how long I got to see Craig this past weekend. You can fit alot of things into 48 hours.
Craig didn't get home until late Friday night - basically just in time to go to bed. On Saturday morning he took me out for breakfast. I felt like we were on a date.
We puttered around the house for a little bit before he went to work on his truck. After a quick lunch on our deck we took off for a Truck Pull up near Mora. 3 of Craig's trucking friends were participating in the competition. It was a beautiful afternoon to be sitting outside. Craig's friend, Lonnie, took 2nd place.
After the truck pull we drove to the cabin by way of Aitkin. It was such a beautiful drive. The trees are beginning to turn. Craig and I enjoyed being together and experiencing the beginning of fall.
We got to the cabin (after dark)and we saw two deer in our yard. Craig chased them away because he doesn't want them to eat our bushes and trees.
Sunday morning we drove up to Remer to see our neighbors from home. They have a cabin up there. Again the drive was so pretty. Trees on both side of the road, just starting to show their fall colors. The sky was so blue, and the sun was warm. It was a great day to be together.
We had lunch at our friends'cabin and went for a ride on their 4-wheeler. After that it was time to head back to the cabin for an hour or two. We had supper with Craig's sister and her husband before heading home.
48 hours of making memories, of soaking up each other's company, talking and sharing our thoughts and our love, hoping to get filled up enough to make it through the week apart.

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