Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Every morning I use the the Daily Bread as my morning deovtional. Today there was a story about a pastor who was driving and saw someone leave an empty bottle on the road. He said that that was a selfish sin. It could have caused someone harm, and it certainly did not help the environment. But after the service someone pointed out to him that "sin put the bottle on the street, but grace picks it up."
I wonder, how many times each day do I respond to someone else with grace? It's so much easier to respond selfishly, sinfully. Someone cuts in front of me in traffic. How do I react? How about a rude phone call, or an impatient person in the store? When my husband or my kids don't do something I would like to have done, or don't seem to understand my needs? Do I respond in love and grace?
I am so thankful for God's grace to me. (Read Romans 5: 15-20 about God's gift of grace.)
My devotional also reminded my of one of my favorite hymns. I'll put that in my next blog.

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