Friday, December 5, 2008

Morning Rundown

My son, Brenton, wrote about his morning so far. with 3 kids under 6 years old, his morning has been fairly busy so far. so I thought I would contrast my day to his:

5:45 alarm goes off
6:05 I finally got up
6:10 got out of the shower - forgot to put towel close to the tub, so I got the floor wet
6:20 after getting dressed I used the blow dryer to dry my hiar - had to clean up all the hair that fell out as I dried it
6:30 made bed
6:35 put on make-up. Ran downstairs to get new eye shadow I had bought and left on the dining room table. Back upstairs to finish make up.
6:40 Devotions
6:45 started packing the car to go up north after work
6:55 after 8 trips out to the car I was finally packed
6:57 put out stuff for contractor by front door
6:58 forgot something - back in to house
7:00 backed car out of garage
7:01 stopped and ran into garage to grab garage door opener from other car
7:20 stopped at Wal-Mart for envelopes
7:30 stopped at Sam's club for gas
7:50 finally got to work

Observations: I was just as busy as Brenton, but eveything was my own stuff. No kids making messes or noise, but also noone to talk to or give me hugs and kisses. Noone to take care of except myself. Noone to blame the messes on except me.
There are times when I'm happy that I am in this season of life, but there are also lots of times when I miss having kids around.


Maxine said...

Aww, I enjoyed this detailed account, Kris. and your observations made me think.Hope you're having a blessed Lord's Day today.

Stephanie Balvin said...

I am amazed that with no kids you need to wake up so early! I wake up at 6:45 and not a minute earlier. you were ready to walk out of the house at that time. I was hoping that once the kids were gone, I could get up at 7 or even 7:30!