Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

New Year's Eve is always a time for looking back over the past year, and looking ahead to the year to come. 2008 haas been a time of change for me.
Change #1: Last January I found out that the school I had worked at for 13 years was being repurposed, and the employees were being moved or let go. I was one of the ones to go. The Lord gave me a job at a new school in a new district, but I've always felt that it was to be short term. I found out today that my new district will be closing two schools at the end of this school year, so most likely I will be out a job again.
Change #2: I turned 50 years old this year. A new decade of life.
Change #3: This was a year of graduations. My son, Jeff, graduated from college last spring and moved into the business world. This December my daughter, Carrie, graduated from college. So my husband and I are entering a new phase of life - we are done with helping our children go to college. It means that they are all old enough to be completely on their own. We are truly empty nesters.
Change #4: Carrie leaves January 2nd for Guatemala. She will be teaching there at least through October. Now I know this change technically doesn't happen until 2009, but she and I have been preparing for it for the last two months: shopping, planning, packing, etc. I have had to come to terms with the fact that my daughter, (who, except for my husband is my best friend) will be living farther away. The only thing that makes it easier to say goodbye to her is the fact that I know- I absolutely, positively believe- that God is leading her to Guatemala. She must go.

So, how do I handle these changes? I have to turn to the One who sees the beginning from the end, who knows me better than I know myself, whose master plan is so much more perfect than mine. I need to ask God to continue to lead me, and wait for Him to show me the adventure He has waiting for me.
How was 2008 for you? What are you looking forward to in 2009?

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