Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time of Testing

I have been going through a time of testing at work for the past two weeks. There is the test of faith. I am probably going to get laid off at the end of the school year. Can I trust God to provide for my needs? I put in an application for a new job, but haven't been called yet to interview. Again, can I trust Him to provide a job? Then there's the test of anger, and the temptation to gossip. Some people at work have not been doing things fairly, and have been talking about me to others. Will I get mad and talk negatively about them? How will I treat them? Will I keep brooding about it? Or will I pray for the, keep my thoughts to myself, reflect Christ in my attitudes and actions? Add to all of this the state of the American economy. Will I be fearful of the future, especially with the possibility of no job? Or will I look forward, confident that God is in control?
Times of testing can lead to spiritual growth if we keep our eyes on God. Lord, help me to keep seeking wisdom from your Word, and keep my eyes on You, trusing You to take care of me.


Maxine said...

Sorry to hear about your struggles, Kris. I'll put you down for prayer and that the Lord will help you to respond to everything in a way that pleases Him. God bless.

kris said...

Thank you, Maxine!