Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Exercise

At the Balvin house we have always had the saying, "It's good exercise." When the kids were growing up and they didn't want to take out the garbage, Craig would say, "It's good exercise." When they complained about having to go upstairs to get something, or helping to carry stuff in from the car, or move wood piles, etc. they were always reminded, "It's good exercise."
Now that they are grown, the kids appreciate the statement a little more - but it has also become one of our family jokes and good memories.
This weekend Craig and I were at the cabin. We were installing wood trim in our bedroom. Now our bedroom is on the upper level, but the mitre saw and all our tools are on the lower level. we must have gone up and down the stairs 50 times. As we were getting ready for bed Craig commented about how tired he was from going up and down so much. So naturally I said, "Yes, but it's good exercise." to which he immediately replied, "if you need it." I don't think the kids ever had that quick of a comeback!


caeb said...

Oh Pops...he would.

Maxine said...

Love that one! I'll have to remember it. And you know, these things ARE good exercise!