Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Busy Weekend

Craig and I had a busy weekend. We babysat our grandchildren. I drove to their place after work on Friday and stayed there Friday night. Brenton made supper before going off to work. Stephanie was coaching basketball and didn't get home until late in the evening, so it was my job to put the kids to bed. I fell for the line, "Last night mom let Andrew and me sleep together." After listening to the play and giggle for quite a while, I had to go in and put Andrew in his own bed. Thankfully, they both fell asleep quite quickly.
Saturday morning came quickly as the kids bounced out of bed about 7 AM. And I mean bounced! Stephanie warned me that they had a lot of energy in the morning. She was there to make breakfast before she headed out to Scrap Camp. A bit later the kids and I headed for the city, and the Maple Maze in Maple Grove. I forgot that the maze would be a zoo on a Saturday. There were so many kids there I worried that I'd lose Andrew, but we were there over the lunch hour so the place cleared out a bit. Each of the kids enjoys a different part of the maze, although they all love the ball pit. Andrew and Izzy like being up higher in the maze, and both came down the tallest slide. Jake was more interested in finding someone else to play with.
Andrew napped on the way home to our house. Craig got home shortly after us, and the kids were thrilled to see Papa. The afternoon and evening was spent playing legos, coloring, using Play Dough, watching a movie while eating popcorn, and taking a bath. I think they also got in a game of hide and seek, and Izzy and Jake played War with Craig. It was so much fun watching them play cards. Izzy really wanted to have both jokers, so she tried to deal them to herself. She pouted for a bit when Craig dealt the cards fairly, but really perked up when she started to win. One of my favorite memories is of Andrew trying to keep up with Jake and he said, "Jacob, I coming!" And another is of Izzy dancing in the livingroom while a little stuffed duck plays the song, "You are my sunshine!" I will also remember waking up Sunday morning to the kids peeking into out bedroom.
We made pancakes with faces and little smokies for breakfast. We played some more - more legos, more Play Dough and coloring, more card games. Jake built a big house out of Legos. We watched The Donut Man and then we packed everything up and headed out to meet Stephanie.
Andrew did not want to go home with his mom. He wouldn't look at her, and he wouldn't say good bye to us. Even when I talked to Stephanie later in the afternoon he was still sad about having to be home.
We sure had a fun time with Jake, Izzy and Andrew - but it took the rest of the day to recover :)

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Stephanie Balvin said...

WOW, that weekend sounds more fun than my scrap camp- they really did have a blast, and thanks for posting about it- I can visualize it all and it makes me smile.
THANK YOU again for giving your very precious weekend off time to love all over the kids!

PS Andrew is still asking when we (I mean HE) is going back! :)