Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Prayers, please!

While we had a great time with our grandchildren last weekend, it was also a hard time. My dad has been in the hospital for almost two weeks. He has multiple health issues, but I found out Friday that he has skin cancer, and it may have become invasive. We will find out more (maybe) when we go to the University of MN hospital next week.
On Thursday night Craig's mom was taken to the hospital after fainting. We found out on Saturday that she has a cancerous tumor in her intestines. On Sunday she had surgery to remove the tumor. They took out 2 inches of small intestine and 6 inches of large intestine. She will find out tomorrow if ther cancer was contained in the tumor, or if it had started to spread.
Craig and I couldn't believe that both of our parents were in the hospital, two different hospitals, with cancer.
Please pray for our parents. Thanks!
Sometimes it's hard to understand why all this happens. We tend to go along, believing nothing bad will happen to us, that we'll live forever and never get sick or old, we'll never be out of a job or have heartache of any kind. I was talking to a friend about this recently, and we decided that in part this in an American problem. If we lived in another country we wouldn't have the beliefs that we should have everything and that nothing bad will ever happen to us. And I think we would accept trouble and death as a more natural part of life. We would be happy with less, and we would trust God more.


Maxine said...

Oh my, Kris,I haven't been over for a while and didn't realize all this was happening. Most definitely will put you guys on my prayer list. You are so right about that. Sooner or later you can be sure we'll have trials in this life. I know of so many people with cancer right now! Praying for God's mercies....

Maxine said...

Hi, Kris. Was wondering what is happening. We've been praying for you folks.