Monday, April 27, 2009

April Showers

We haven't had a lot of rain in April this year - although we did get some over the weekend and everything is turning green outside. Here's what's been "raining" in my life this month:
1) Doctor and hospital visits with my dad. Dad doesn't drive anymore, so I am his chauffeur/nurse/case manager. Dad has been struggling with his health this spring. He's had a UTI, anemia, skin cancer, negative medicine interactions, gout, and muscle weakness. I am hoping he's on the road to recovery.
2) Rehearsals and shows - I was in a variety show this spring and we put on 7 shows to raise money for college scholarships. It was so much fun!
3) Thoughts and prayers ( and a few worries) about the future. My job ends on June 26. Craig and I are trying to figure out what our life will look like in the future. Should we take this time to make some major changes? Should I just collect unemployment and wait for a job to come along? What does God want us to do?

April showers bring May flowers. What will my month of May bring? A new job? Good health for my dad? More time with my family? Answers to my prayers? Or will it bring more times of testing, more opportunities for me to trust God?

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Maxine said...

Whatever May brings, the Lord will be in the midst.

We have been having BUCKETS of rain in our area. We should have loads of May flowers.

I try to remember your dad and stepmom to pray for from time to time. Hope all is doing bettr soon And I'm so glad you're having a busy spring, with some fun mixed in!

Hang in there. Maybe some time of rest from working is what the Lord has in store. He'll let you know!! And He will provide.

Blesssings to you and your family!