Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Computers - good and bad

This is rhe first time I've used my wireless connection and my laptop in about a month. One night I sat down to look something up on the internet, and my computer would not connect. I tried everything I knew to do - but still no internet. The next night I sat on the phone with a tech from Embarq and we tried everything he knew to get my computer to connect. He decided that it had to be my computer, and not my modem, so he transferred me to Gateway. After another hour on the phone with their tech, we decided that it was not my computer. He suggested I call Embarq back and ask for a new modem. So the third day I did that. They were nice and sent me one but it took a few days to get here. The second week without internet I tried hooking up the new modem, but still no internet. The week got busy and I left the computer alone. The third week I finally got some time and called Gateway. Half an hour later he said that it was either that my modem was not activated, or I needed to use a recovery program and completely start over with my computer. We agreed that I should make a call to Embarq before wiping my computer clean. Low and behold, it was the new modem - my connections had not been upgraded to activate the new modem.
So now I had internet as long as I was directly connected to the modem. I have to admit that for a week I just used the cable and sat near the modem but tonight I finally got up the courage to try the wireless. I had to search for the paperwork that had the passkey to my wireless network, but now here I am sitting on the couch watching baseball and working wirelessly. Hurray!!
What a long month!

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Maxine said...

Oh my. I could write volumes about the problems I have had with my laptop and the wireless connection! Glad you got it back.