Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Answered Prayer

I've got a job! You might remember that early this spring I found out that I was going to be laid off at the end of this school year. The district I work for is closing two schools, and I was on the bottom of the seniority list.
Craig and I have been praying about this for months - should I look for another job, should we sell our house and move up north, should we sell the house and buy a bigger truck so we could go on the road together? What do you want us to do, God? I just kept feeling that he was saying, "Wait."
In the begining of May I saw a job posting for an elementary secretary in the district I live in. I applied for the job - and waited. After Memorial Day I finally got a call to interview. On the last day with all the staff at my current day the principal called and offered me the job. I am sad to leave my new friends - I've only been at this school for a year. But I am excited about my new job - closer to home, in a district with, maybe, a little more security. I knew that God directed me to my current job, and I am confident that He is taking me to a new place where He wants me to be.
Thank you, God!

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