Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary,Craig!

Today is our 31st anniversary. Craig is on the road somewhere in Iowa and I am at home. We have spent many anniversaires together, but also quite a few apart as Craig's job as an independent truck operator often takes him far from home. That doesn't mean, however, that we haven't celebrated our love for each other - because we have. We do. Every time we're together we celebrate our love. We enjoy each other's company. We laugh, we talk, we work together. We share our thoughts and dreams, joys and sorrows, successes, failures, fears, and aspirations. Sure, every June we go out to eat to "celebrate" our anniversary - but really, the celebration happens every day we are together.
I am so thankful for Craig. He works so hard to support our family. He loves me unconditionally. He makes me feel beautiful. He loves God and prays for me and for our family.He shares with me the things God shows him from His Word and the world around us.
Is Craig perfect? No,but neither am I. We are much better together. We balance each other. I am cautious - he shoots from the hip. I like to plan what we are going to do, he wants to start and figure things out along the way. I am fearful, he is not- except for hospitals :) I am more sedentary, he is a mover. I read the directions, he puts everything together.
Thank you,God, for the past 31 years of marriage - I pray that you will bless us with many more, but I will continue to celebrate each day with the wonderful man who won my heart long long ago and who is my best friend and lover.
Happy anniversary, Craig!

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Stephanie Balvin said...

Happy Anniversary, you do have a special marriage! Brenton and I admire your relationship and hope and pray that one day we will be as close as you two are.