Sunday, July 19, 2009

My body's at home but my mind is at the cabin

We came home today from another wonderful weekend at the cabin. There is just something special about being there. I know that every time I look out the cabin windows at the woods or the lake I am reminded about the endless creatvitiy of God. Today I watched hummingbirds and goldfinches feed at my feeders. There was a chipmunk on the ground under the feeder, woodpeckers in a nearby tree, and robins not faraway. Add bees in my flowers and fish jumping in the lake, and there's so much to watch. Craig and I marveled at how the trees send out branches to catch as much sunlight as possible.
We listened to the radio this morning - the church service from Moody Church in Chicago. The pastor talked about D.L.Moody, the founder of the church, and his ministry back in the 1800's. Moody was a man who only had a 5th grade education, but he accepted the Lord when he was about 15, and really was called to serve the Lord when he was about 19. He had the gift of evangelism. His story is really quite amazing - how God used him to reach people here in the USA but also in England, Scotland, Ireland, and other places around the world.
We came home from the cabin early because Craig needed to go to work, but we both wished we could stay up north. Maybe the cabin is so special because we can't stay there - we have to come home to our jobs.
So another week begins. . .

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