Monday, August 3, 2009

Signs that August is Here

  • School supplies are out in all the stores
  • sweet corn for sale on almost every corner
  • I am back to work - at my new school
  • The Hanover Festival was last weekend - Our daughter-in-law and grandkids came and stayed overnight so they could enjoy the festivities with us- highlights: Drew squealing everytime someone threw him candy during the parade; Jake and Craig playing baseball with Jake hitting the ball over the house; Izzy sitting in Craig's lap and Drew in mine waiting for the fireworks and talking with Craig about men going to the moon; Jake knocking down all the bottles in a game and winning a big blue hand; Izzy playing hopscotch
  • Warm days and cooler nights
  • field corn taller than me
  • commercials about back to college supplies
  • the sun going down before nine o'clock


Stephanie Balvin said...

Andrew just said to me yesterday when he saw the moon in the sky
"Mama, someone walked on the moon at Papa's house!"

It was so cute!

Caeb said...

College supplies! I miss those.