Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life is hard . . . but God is good.

Work has been really, really slow for Craig. In fact, it has been so slow this week that he hasn't worked yet this week. Finally he will haul a load tomorrow and one on Friday, but that's it for this week. We are starting to look at our finances and make some decisions on cutting back our expenses. This is certainly Not what I expected to be doing at this time in our lives. With our kids done with college and supporting themselves, I thought we would be working and saving for retirement. Right now we are working to live - not much saving is going on.
But God is good! He provided a job for me, with health benefits for both of us. We have our health, each other, our wonderful kids and grandkids, good neighbors and friends. We have His Word to guide us and comfort us, to encourage us and teach us. And He lives in our hearts - we feel His presence and His peace in the midst of these uncertain times.
We are choosing to trust Him. God IS good.

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