Thursday, September 3, 2009

What kind of animal are you?

This morning when I was driving to work I saw a hawk sitting on top of a dead tree. I almost didn't see him becasue he was the same color as the tree. I started thinking about that - being the same color as his surroundings allowed him to hunt without being noticed. I began to wonder, is that what people are like? So similar to the world around them that they blend in? As a Christian, I shouldn't blend in, look the same as the world.
Are they predators, just waiting to attack someone else?
I thought of other animals, and other people... some are like peacocks- beautiful, but proud. They want to look bigger than life, and they are definitely noticed.
Then there's the chameleon - he changes colors depending on his surroundings.
I finally decided that I want to be like a dog. I want to be loyal, loving, teachable. I want to follow my Master (God) for my whole life. Just like people, there are many breeds of dogs - different shapes and colors. Some are more trainable than others. Some are more loving, some are noisy, some work harder than others but most all are loyal to their Master.
Can you think of other animals and characteristics that both people and animals have?

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