Monday, October 26, 2009

Splitting All Day

Last weekend when we were at the cabin we borrowed a friend's log splitter. We had a lot of wood to split. Last spring we had 9 trees cut down, plus the electric comapny had cut down some trees along the road. So we had lots of wood to split. Craig's mom (Marcy)met us at the shop where we started our day. Craig ran the wood splitter, and Marcy and I loaded it in the wheelbarrow, took it over to an old semi trailer, and stacked it inside. Then we'd load up some from a flat bed trailer and take it back for Craig to split. We worked there for almost 3 hours. After lunch we started on the piles at the cabin. This time I ran the splitter, Craig filled the bucket of his Oliver tractor with the wood and took it down the the driveway where Marcy stacked it. Later Marcy and Craig ran the splitter and I stacked wood. At 5:30 we were finally done. All the wood was split, stacked, and covered. Just in time - it rained all night and all day Sunday. Craig and I were exhausted- and stiff the next morning. But Marcy said she jumped right out of bed. She's amazing.
It feels so good to have the wood cut. Now we just have to get a wood stove to burn it in:)


Stephanie Balvin said...

You all work too hard at that cabin! You need to sit and enjoy it more. :) But I guess that's what we do when we come. we love it there, probably because you've put so much work into it!

Caeb said...

We too are funny - I love that splitting wood giving you guys joy :)

Maxine said...

Wow! What a lot of work! Sounds like you are all well and healthy. Just stopped by to say hi.