Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Weekend At Home

This past weekend we did not go to the cabin. Amazing, I know, but the weather wasn't too good up north. And besides, it was Halloween and we wanted to see all our little neighbors dressed up in costume.
We had a great weekend. We started it off on Friday night, cooking dinner together. Craig had found a recipe in a magazine that he wanted to try, so while I was at work he went grocery shopping. We made dinner together and it turned out really well. We made chicken parmesan with white potates and fresh cooked beets. Everything tasted great.
On Saturday we had fun going to a building supply outlet to look for doors, and then to an antique shop. We ate lunch at El Tequila in Northfield. The food there was excellent! After lunch we visited our grandchildren. We had just pulled into their driveway when a car pulled up and a woman asked if the people who lived in the house were home. It turned out that she was a newpaper deliverer and she had seen our granddaughter, Izzy, sitting on the sidewalk around the corner and she was crying. We drove around the corner and found Izzy. She had been trying to take some things to the neighbors and her bags broke. She didn't know what to do so she sat there in tears. After helping her make her deliveries we went back to the house. Izzy's beautiful smile returned, and she put on her Halloween costume for us. Andrew ran outside to meet us at the car, and asked "Poppa" to carry him. I think Craig held him almost the whole time we were there! Jake wasn't feeling well. His little face looked so sad! After saying hi to us he went back to bed.
We got home just in time to get ready for the trick or treaters. Craig had fun handing out candy and talking with the kids that came to our door.
On Sunday we began the day the right way, by going to church and worshipping our Lord God, the most high God. Then we met our son and his roommate for lunch at a chinese buffet. It was fun to eat and talk together.
Later in the afternoon our youngest son came over and watched the Vikings beat the Packers. It was a great game, and fun to watch it together.
Craig didn't have to leave to go to work until Monday morning, so it was the perfect weekend!

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Caeb said...

Oh, that story about Izzy makes me sad for her - just imagining her sitting there!