Monday, December 28, 2009

The 12 Best Memories of Christmas

1. Making Christmas cookies with Carrie.
2. Having Stephanie and Izzy here for girls' night.
3. Izzy singing Christmas carols with Carrie as Carrie played them on the piano.
4. Shopping with Carrie.
5. Going to church the Sunday before Christmas.
6. Playing Sequence with Aaron, Jeff, Carrie, Rick & Lynn, Marcy and Craig on Christmas Eve.
7. Getting hugs from all the kids and grandkids on Christmas Day.
8. All 10 of us around the table for lunch on Christmas.
9. Brenton organizing the family service project; the grandkids passing out supplies and helping whoever needed help.
10. Watching Drew use a little screwdriver with Craig to put batteries in his new train.
11. Aaron playing with Jake and Izzy.
12. Craig and the boys laughing as we all played cards.

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