Friday, December 4, 2009

It's hard to be the Newbie

I am a school secretary. After working at one school, in various positions, for 13 years the school was closed. So I found a new position in a new school district. After one year there that school was closed - again due to budget cuts. So here I am, in a new district one more time - 3 schools in three different districts in three years. I am getting good at being the newbie.
Add to that the fact that 3 1/2 years ago my husband and I moved into a new neighborhood - we're the newbies on the block. We have been looking for a new church to attend, either here in town or up be our cabin. Again, we're the newbies. So, I have a few obsevations about being the newbie.
  • As the new person, I have had to be the one to reach out to those around me. People will say hello, but they don't really include me in conversations or events.
  • I have been to a couple of places where I was greeted by too many people. It was a bit overwhelming. However, after the initial greeting I was often left completely alone. I would have appreciated one person staying by me.
  • Few have followed up with a phone call, note or invitation.
  • As I have persevered, I have gotten to know the people I work with. I put out pictures of my family on my desk, and coworkers have stopped to look at the pictures. That gives me a chance to ask about their families.
  • When I extend an invitation, the person I invite is usually really happy about it.

So, I have concluded that if I wait for others to reach out to me and include me, I will be waiting for a while and I will be lonely and sad. But if I reach out to someone else, it makes both of us happy. Really, this is what God teaches us in His Word - to think of others, not just ourselves; to love others as He has loved us; to meet the needs of those around us.