Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blog Update

Someone close to me has suggested that my blog needs updates. I'm not sure if she means that I haven't posted in quite a while, or if she doesn't like my layout anymore :)

I don't have time to update the layout - and I'm not sure how to do that either....
But I can give a quick post update:
Wastebasket Revue is over. I miss seeing my friends there, but I am enjoying the extra free time.
It's spring, and I love getting out in the yard. My tulips and irises are blooming and they're gorgeous. Unfortunately, the dandelions are blooming too. Fortunately, TruGreen came out and sprayed the yard. Goodbye, dandelions!
I have been having so much fun making cards. I have new inspiration from Technique Thursday - a stamp club I joined this winter, and from this website: www.splitcoaststampers.com
Up at the cabin we already have the dock in the water. I can't wait to clean out the picnic house so we can start eating down there by the water. I am looking forward to another summer enjoying God's creation up north.
I'm also looking forward to summer because we're going to have lots of company from far away places. Carrie is coming home from Guatemala for two weeks, and later in the summer my brother and his family will be visiting from Japan. Hurray!
And the best news is that I am not spending this spring looking for a job. I get to stay at my current job. My school is not closing (like two years ago) and my school district is not closing any schools (like last year). It feels so good to be able to plan for next year, knowing that I will be there. Thank you, God!

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Carrie B said...

Love the update. I can help you with the new layout. :)