Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

One of my favorite memories of my dad is the stories he used to tell us when we were driving on vacation. We took many driving trips to Seattle. When we'd go through Beach, ND Dad would tell us about Colonel Beach and how he came to be in North Dakota. When we'd go through the mountains we'd see signs warning of Falling Rock and Dad would tell us about the indian named Falling Rock and why there were those signs. His stories made the days go by faster and gave us memories. My dad taught me how to read a map, and how to chart our course. We looked for license plates from all fifty states. Each year until my dad gave up his car he would write out a new list and start crossing off the plates as he saw them.
My dad taught me to find the good in each situation - whenever we'd be waiting somewhere and we'd start grumbling he'd find something for us to do. He did that in his own life. I remember once at the University Hospital he had to sit for hours hooked up to a dialysis machine, and he looked for patterns in the ceiling tile. He would remember golf courses he'd played, and go through each hole in his mind. We'd window shop while waiting for my mom to get off work, or count cars while waiting at a train crossing.We learned how to people watch at the state fair. My dad modeled how to be content in any situation.
Thanks, Dad, for all the things you taught me. But even more than that, thanks for your love. I have always felt loved by you. Happy Father's Day!

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