Friday, June 18, 2010

Work that's not work - for me

This summer my favorite thing to do each evening is work in our yard. I love to walk around and pull a few weeds, check on our trees, and pick strawberries. I give the flowers some water, deadhead the petunias, hill up potatoes, or trim the shrubs. Sometimes the neighbors are out and we chat for a bit. Last night I watched a pair of house finches take a bath in my birdbath. So far there haven't been too many mosquitos so I have been able to stay out almost until dark. Craig says that he heard that it's good for the body to be outside in the yard - something about seratonin or something. I just know that when I'm out there I feel good.

1 comment:

Caeb said...

You and the trees :) Just think, next week we will be at the cabin!!!